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@SpursOfficial Spurs haven’t conceded a goal in open play (away from home) in the Premier League since 20th September 2020 #MourinhoFactor #Jose #COYS

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How good was it to watch a full game of football without an involvement from VAR! Says a lot when the game was a bore draw #CHETOT #COYS

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เอ็นดอมเบเล่คือปีศาจ มีทั้ง dribbling ที่ดีมากๆความและแข็งแกร่ง รวมถึงการเติมขึ้นไปมีส่วนร่วมในพื้นที่สุดท้ายก็ยังทำได้ดี (แทบจะเหมือนเดมเบเล่) แต่จุดอ่อนที่ยังแก้ไม่ได้คือแกหมดไวมาก นาที 60 นี่เดินแล้ว เป็นตั้งแต่ย้ายมา ถ้าปรับตรงนี้ได้จากปีศาจจะกลายเป็นโคตรปีศาจ #COYS #CHETOT

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I'd post a screenshot of the league table showing the gap between ⁦@SpursOfficial⁩ and Arsenal, but my phone isn't big enough… 😂 #COYS #THFC

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What. A. Save. 😍 #COYS

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You watch the goons turn into prime Barcelona next week! #COYS

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Ndombele Turning into a young zidane👀 #COYS

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Spurs will win the league in the most piss-taking, title-robbing, Jose way. Fuckin fired up for it. #COYS

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Line it up. For your listening (and watching) pleasure. 😊 #COYS #THFC

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After Hugo returned from his horrible injury I've not seen a better keeper in the league. Man is in the form of his life. #COYS

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You love to see it

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This save by Hugo was huge! Not enough is being said about this save. #COYS #THFC

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It weren’t that good. Doomed next week #COYS

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Does anyone know which phone has the largest screen? I need to know so I can recommend it to gooners who wish to see their teams position in the premiership table. 😝🤣 #Coys #thfc #spurs #gunners #arsenal #afc #wolverhamptonFC #wolves #woolwich #woolwicharsenal

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@GrahamRoberts4 The problem is Graham and it’s the same as Westham.... they will turn up next week and play like their lives depend on it and possibly get a win.... I only hope José has us well tuned in for what’s coming #coys

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Just seen the Gooners result 🤣🤣👍 #COYS

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Very proud of what myself & @Wadsworth_Sport have achieved so far with the podcast. If you haven’t already please follow @TitanicSpurs for podcast shows, polls, updates & articles. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway at the start of December! #COYS #TTID 🔵⚪️

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E16: Jose and Emile - A Love Story
⚽️ Chelsea Recap
🚫 Clean Sheet
🥇 Still Top
👍 Rodon Debut
👏 Midfield Trio
⭐️ Aurier Again
🚑 Injury Report
🔎 NLD Preview


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@piersmorgan 13 positions behind Spurs. Life is good! #COYS

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We could put Arsenal 17th next week #COYS

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Last few seasons I’ve slaughtered Hugo for his performances in the big games but today he was class when it mattered !!! #COYS #hugo

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Jose sees the long game. No emotional battle of the bridge. No gung ho have to beat rivals. Get the result you need. Make a statement & go home! #COYS

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Aw shucks. Cant think of a more deserving team. #COYS

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José: "We are not even in the race, so we are not a horse. We are just a pony” #coys

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Team Thursday vs. LASK #UEL 




Lo Celso



#THFC #COYS #EuropaLeague

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Tottenham top of the league, arsenal losing, perfect weekend #thfc #coys

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Shout out to our captain Hugo. He has been immense since coming back from injury. Today he looked totally in control of his area and when needed, which wasn't that often, pulled off a world class save. 👊🔥👏 #Spurs #THFC #COYS

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😭 Roy Keane thinks that Arsenal won't get relegated this season, but could not say it with a straight face:

🗣”I think they will have enough to stay up, I still think they will be strong enough to stay in the division".



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Solid points. In addition to #COYS back on top of table again. Full stop. LOL.

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Ah this is brilliant... 😅 #COYS

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@TherealNihal It’s a derby. I won’t be getting carried away #COYS

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Happy Sunday HAHAHAA #COYS

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⛔ 𝙃𝙐𝙂𝙊 ⛔


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Here comes comedy minutes

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Matchday 10 is in the books let’s check on the table annnnnd— MY GOODNESS the droopage has graduated from dangerous to critical!!1!! #dangliesstaydangling #neverbeendanglier

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What a dismal, wretched, hope-destroying Arsenal performance.
The worst of Arteta's tenure.
No fight, no flair, no nothing.
Some of our players seem totally disinterested.
What the hell is going on?
The thought of Spurs away next week fills me with utter horror.

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Take a point and move on. #COYS

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7 & 8 - Chelsea (7) and Tottenham (8) are on the current longest unbeaten runs in the Premier League, with Spurs one of three sides with a 100% away record in the competition so far this term. Tasty. #CHETOT

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Mechanics Strongly Warn Against Buying These Cars At Any Cost

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