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 3 months ago

Today we're sharing an update to @instagram DMs that will bring the best of @Messenger to the app. You'll soon be able to communicate across apps with features like watch together, selfie stickers, vanish mode, emoji reactions and more.

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 3 months ago

@RohitKu70403025 @Facebook @instagram @messenger Also my 9 years old fb account disabled

From last 2 months for no reason.
No response from fb team
To many time m mailing there mail address.
I think
Fb help and support is bullshit

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 3 months ago

@Facebook @instagram @messenger Been messaging and emailing loads as my account is still suspending pending review of my supplied information. Its been 5 weeks now and counting. When will this get resolved? Why can't you provide any answers or updates??

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 3 months ago

@DipakParmar65 @Facebook @instagram @messenger lower privacy

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 3 months ago

@Facebook @instagram @messenger And we need this why? I now have messages coming in via work & personal emails, text messages on personal & work mobiles, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram. Messages I've already seen & dealt with are now repeated on Messenger. I'd like to turn the whole lot off!

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@RohitKu70403025 Profile picture Rohit Kumar


 3 months ago

@Facebook @instagram @messenger @Facebook you keep on adding new features but you won’t be able to add new users if you don’t bother to address the issue of 10years old users. My account has been disabled for more than 6 weeks now and there has been no response yet from your side

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@DipakParmar65 Profile picture Dipak Parmar


 3 months ago

@Facebook @instagram @messenger Whooo! New Integrations. 🤩

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 3 months ago

@Facebook @instagram @messenger which countries??

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Good advice for #writers. #writerscommunity #thursdaymorning #writingadvice #encouragement #pubtips #youcandoit #writerslife

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"Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn't mean you can, should, or need to do it alone."
- Lisa Olivera

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Check out my Gig on #Fiverr: develop #WordPress website by elementor visual page builder

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Thinking of binging all the pokemon tv shows all the way from gen 1. Any thoughts? 🤔
#pokemon #thursdaymorning

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.@jimsciutto - consistent with having the worst president ever. Elections have consequences!


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The Jimmy_Snags Show CoMEMEdian #thursdaymorning with Ben Adryl scratches surface How to green screen your micro vlog Work Day TheLIKEOMan Politics American Airlines COVID FlemCandango Friday Eve Chucky JonnyPlaeboie talks #GalaxyS215G WankTuggerman Sports Golf Michael Strahan

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“Si no existe humanidad en lo que se hace el objetivo es incompleto “

#thursdaymorning #goodmorning #ThursdayMotivation #BuenosDiasATodos #quote #quotesoftheday #greeting

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Math is so rude! It’s really none of my business how many apples Rosina has left, or how many she gave to her Mom and Grandma.... #thursdaymorning

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