How do we translate people’s needs into ideas, and turn them into products that positively impact billions? Follow along as @GarronEngstrom from the Social Impact Team shows how it happens behind the scenes.

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 3 months ago

@facebookdesign @Facebook @GarronEngstrom Politely asking for help from facebook. My account is locked and there is no customer service or help. It's been over a week. No explanation.

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@facebookdesign @Facebook @GarronEngstrom Trying to get a hold of Facebook. My account is on restriction for 30 days because I posted pictures of the universe. How does that violate facebook community standards? @Facebook

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 3 months ago

@facebookdesign @Facebook @GarronEngstrom I was blocked on Facebook. How to unlock my account?

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@facebookdesign @Facebook @GarronEngstrom Please @Facebook check DM. Thank you.

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#HedgeFunds must be stopped from having too much power in the markets. The people are showing that they are weak every single day. Some people got info that they were shorting, and decided to make them lose on their bets. Now they are shutting down those stocks to prevent losses

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Now robinhood blocking every ticker that’s making sudden gains. The way I see it, they want to keep poor people poor
#investing #wallstreetbets

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And after #wallstreetbets is finished with #gme #GameStop and stripping the #HedgeFunds guess where the money is going? Yea, right into #Bitcoin and #ethereum ...never to be censored again.

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Apps all globally keep “crashing” to prevent retail investors from getting in and out of their positions. This not only about #gme #amc , this is about ALL positions!
#Conspiracy? I don’t think so
Someone help?

@Trading212 @Plus500 @RobinhoodApp @elonmusk @chamath #HedgeFunds

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Portable alpha. Nothing new exploiting weaker #hedgefunds to make money out of them. In 1998 those long vol squeezed heavily short vol Long Term Capital out of business. Russia default catalyst then leveraged Nobel geniuses short vega/gamma blew it up

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@RobinhoodApp this is what you asked for when you catered to the Rich Elite and their #HedgeFunds

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Politicians and billionaires biggest fear is empowered Americans!

#HoldTheLine #gme #amc #HedgeFunds

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Now RobinHood has canceled trade of $DOGE which is crazy now they are stopping my right to earn based on speculation #HoldTheLine #HedgeFunds #amcstock

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