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 3 months ago

Happy #UNDay! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of people everywhere. ❤️

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@Facebook If you change the new FB back back to how it was then just maybe we could all make a difference in peoples lives but utili then, I will have to stop using it ,scrolling is a nightmare, for some reason it makes me want to vomit in a travel sickness kind of way,

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 3 months ago

@Facebook You disabled my account 8 weeks ago. Is #UNDay for those of us who have been unFacebooked?

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 3 months ago

@Facebook Hello! My boyfriend's business page got hacked into and removed him as admin/creator. Can someone please help with this intellectual property infringement?

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@TibLuvrX2 @Facebook same but for posts from last yeAR

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@carlbader80 Profile picture carl bader


 3 months ago

@Facebook I've recently had my account disabled. I reached out to Facebook and have heard nothing.

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 3 months ago

@Facebook I need your help 🙏 I write in private.

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 3 months ago

@Facebook If anyone is actually monitoring this account, would u please notice how many of us have been blocked a 2nd time 4 a post that's months old AND that we were already penalized 4? I'm blocked again for a July post I was already blocked for. Come on, fix it!

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@ all my girls, pls where’s your #silhouettechallenge I’m waitingggg

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Men, don’t even post ya #silhouettechallenge if we can’t see that dingaling - Management

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@R_ThePhoenix How many Rt for a #silhouettechallenge video?🥺

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With this #silhouettechallenge flooding the TL, I can only say "God have Mercy" cos it's obvious devil is in town.

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Put your head on my shooooo #silhouettechallenge
Wahala for who no get red light.

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Getting #silhouettechallenge videos in my DMs that haven’t been posted on the TL >>>>> the girls love Chay

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Sizes 38-45
N15,000 only
DM or whatsapp
Same day delivery in Lagos and Ibadan.
Nationwide delivery available.

#SilhoutteChallenge #silhouettechallenge Ashawo Snapchat Third Mainland Bridge Vaseline

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ا. عليك ضريبه وصعب تسدد المبلغ الحل عندي ✓
تصفير الضريبه او تخفيض الضريبه🅾️#
تصفير الضريبه المضافه

*إزالة الغرامات
1_غرامه الضبط الميداني
2_غرامه تأخير. السداد

وازاله الفحص(الفحص)

انجاز مضمون باذن الله
ماتدفع ولا﷼ لين تشيك بنفسك.

تواصل واتس آب.

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