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 2 months ago

Election Day is almost here. Are you ready? Check to make sure you have everything you need. For official information from election authorities, visit the Voting Information Center at

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@Abd_Alakaishi @Facebook Same for me !

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@Facebook I want to know why Facebook haven't custmer service center to help customers @pradangelo665

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 2 months ago

@Facebook Instead of promoting election day how about if you actually start progressing into establishing a solid customer support system. Pathetic.

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@Facebook Dark mode? When?

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 2 months ago

@Facebook Just ready for it to be over already... Something tells me there will be lawsuits and controversy after it's over.

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 2 months ago

@Facebook Please, can you be kind to respond to my DM?

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@Facebook Facebook nem é famoso no twitter kkkk

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@Facebook Carlos is on Facebook today

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 2 months ago

@Facebook GO BIDEN!

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Hold The Line. Do not sell. #EatTheRich

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@AlbertBreer It's a FREE MARKET until poor people figure it out then it's a protected market for rich people. #EatTheRich
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@orf @AOC @mcuban

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Quick question if you use a VPN while operating LOIC can you be traced? $AMC $NOK $GME $SNDL $BB $EXPR $BBBY $NAKD $AG $CCIV $DOGE $LINK $AAL $BTC #EatTheRich

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17 minute primer on some problems inherent in capitalism that explains why it has a limited lifetime (which we are coming to the end of)


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Really wish @RobinhoodApp was a stock so I could short it.
#wallstreetbets #AMC #GME #EatTheRich #daytrading

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