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Whose idea was this and why did I agree to it?! #JohnTravolta #RoveMcManus @olivianj #Grease #Swordfish #throwbackthursday

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I recommend ... 2 docs #Mistify #MichaelHutchence and #youcannotkilldavidarquette. Both super well done.

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Progress toward achieving the Global Goals hasn't just stalled — it’s reversed. That’s why I’m excited to join @GlblCtzn in their Recovery Plan for the World. Starting now, it’s on all of us to step up for a global recovery: #WorldRecoveryPlan

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From the mouth of babes! She is next the generation of Laughing Man (& Woman!). #allbehapy @laughingmanco

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You're going on a journey through memory. All you have to do is follow my voice. #Reminiscence, in U.S. theaters and streaming starting 9.3.21. (Internationally in theaters starting 8.25.21). @hbomax @wbpictures

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Deb. You are, and always will be, the great love of my life. I love you to the moon and back. #HappyValentinesDay

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I’m official-ish! Thank you for my early Valentine from my Valentine.

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Super Bowl Sunday, snow and a cheat day. Life is awesome! @Buccaneers @PatrickMahomes @Buccaneers @TomBrady #TeamDeb

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I recommend ... Zone 2. Not only does it really help with my training but it also helps me sleep. Which, if I’m honest, makes me a MUCH nicer person!!! #BethLewis @PeterAttiaMD

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For a kid from Australia ... a snow day is heaven. (Please be careful, it’s pretty slippery).

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“They” say it’s very good for ones circulatory system. I really hope “they’re” right!

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I recommend ...

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💈 (Thank you Jerry Popolis)

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Happy Australia Day all. If you have a few extra minutes ... please watch the link below to hear an amazing choir performing our Australian Anthem. In particular, please listen to the 2nd verse. “We are one, and free”.

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I recommend .... “Pretend it’s a City” with #FranLebowitz and #MartinScorsese on @netflix. I’m putting my phone down now!

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“My Dad says it’s a double-coat kinda morning. And I’m not happy about it.” #Dali

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I’ve officially become that person! #mystarter #sourdough

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Today, Broadway lost a titan of the theater. @Deborra_lee and I lost a friend and collaborator. Phil Smith - you’ll be deeply missed. We send our love to his family and the Broadway community.

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Feels like forever ago. #ThrowbackThursday #TMTMTS

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