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tweet mostly about ⚽ & 🏀, my love of hip-hop and video games. Pretty much talking to myself.


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Quoted @utdreport

Shaw on Hudson Odoi's handball: "I even heard the referee say to H [Maguire] if I say it's a pen then it's going to cause a lot of people to talk afterwards." #mulive [sky]

There's no way the referee said this???

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Quoted @RealSkipBayless

Zion>Giannis. If Zion weren't often an afterthought on offense for Pels, he'd average 40.

This mfer really say the dumbest shit

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Quoted @TheNBACentral

Zlatan Ibrahimovic on LeBron James: "I don’t like when people with a ‘status’ speak about politics. Do what you’re good doing."

Love Zlatan but he couldn't be more wrong here

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Replying to @_SayLee: “Why are you always on twitter?”


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You know what guys, I'll say it... Luka doncic is good at basketball

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Does Giroud have the most amount of ridiculous goals? He's got to be up there

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If Diego Simeone told you to run through a brick wall you wouldn't even question it

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“Why are you always on twitter?”


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The Asian delegation picking the Wu-Tang Clan at pick 5 is the greatest draft day steal of all time

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After looking at the Robert Covington photo...

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I still can't believe AZ said "Schweppervescent" on a track

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If Sabonis and Randle are all stars why isn't Vucevic in the discussion at the very least? #NBATwitter

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A bit weird the joy people get out of seeing LeBron lose

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Quinn cook playing? Lakers are tanking

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Ernie "you've got your eyes on Pascal"

Shaq "na I've got my eyes on Siakam"

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Quoted @knicks_tape99

Best shooters ever:
1. Steph curry
2. Julius Randle
3. Ray Allen
4. Klay Thompson

John Wilkes Booth punching air right now

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Haaland wakes up, scores, goes back to bed

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Play bol bol you cowards @nuggets

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Quoted @isaiahthomas

He would avg 39ppg a game at least!!!

Michael Jordan has the highest PPG average for a season at 37 (not including Wilt because I'm still not sure he was a real person lmao) on what planet is Allen Iverson averaging 39 man

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