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As an educator, I care more where you are going than where you have been.

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“A Moment of Science, Please”

Weekly image & link to a Hoodie. Conceived & designed by fans. Sanctioned by me. (Also available in Tee shirts and pop-sockets.)

After fees to the artist, proceeds go to educational organizations.

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NASA Scientists & Engineers successfully landed a rover & helicopter on planet Mars, where it’s 100 degrees below zero, 120 million miles away.

On that same day it was cold in Texas. Millions of people lost electricity.

Conclusion: Maybe NASA, not politicians, should run Texas.

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“Retrograde” is the recurring illusion of a planet moving backward across the sky, which clueless ancients thought the planets were actually doing in the firmament, as the Universe revolved around Earth.

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Today, Mercury, the most frequently retrograding planet, ends its 20-day grip on civilization.

So when bad things happen to you after today, you’ll need to find something else to blame them on, until Mercury retrogrades again, 100 days from now.

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Congratulations to @NASA on the successful landing of the SUV-Sized Perseverance Rover on planet Mars.

Among other things, it carries a drone helicopter — an engineering test of flight, maneuvering, & navigation in the rarified Martian atmosphere.

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Beginning today I will post a weekly image & link to a T-shirt. Conceived & designed by fans. Sanctioned by me.

After fees to the artist, proceeds go to educational organizations.

Inspired by the “Y’all Need Science” meme, I offer a timely message.

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Nobody writes stories about not dying by not contracting COVID-19.

So maybe it’s time to praise the Lab Researchers who developed Vaccines for COVID-19 in record time.

If Heroes saves lives, then these scientists are Super Heroes, for they will have saved the lives of millions.

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Called when I learned that Harlem Hospital Center (of the @NYCHealthSystem) added educators to their list of Vaccine recipients.

While there, I was honored to meet their fearless CEO, Eboné Carrington, who has led the community’s engagement in their Vaccine program.

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My nephew just dropped his first Hip Hop album. If that doesn’t make me cool, then I don’t know what ever will.

My favorite Track...
[Audio: 3m 22s]

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Yesterday was the first New Moon after January 21.

And so Happy New Year to the zillion people of Planet Earth who celebrate this day on the 2500 year old Chinese Calendar.

Unlike New Year’s Day on the western Gregorian calendar, the Chinese New Year is astronomically inspired.

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Replying to @JonRyanDale: @neiltyson @DetroitPistons @NBA The Detroit Ions would be cool. They could have the Lions and Ions 😂

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@neiltyson @DetroitPistons @NBA The Detroit Ions would be cool. They could have the Lions and Ions 😂

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The day Detroit automakers all shift to Battery-Electric cars, I wonder if the @DetroitPistons @NBA basketball team will feel compelled to change their name?

From the Geekiverse, how about the Galvanic Cells? The Alkalines? The Lithium Ions? Or just the Detroit Rechargeables.

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FYI: Every 26 months a launch window opens between Earth & Mars, enabling a probe to arrive using minimal fuel, allowing heavier payloads.

So anybody going to Mars will leave & arrive at about the same time.

In the current window, the UAE, China, & USA all sent probes to Mars.

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Congratulations to China for arriving at the planet Mars today, with their Tianwen-1 (“Heavenly Questions”) mission.

It contains an Orbiter as well as a Lander/Rover combo that touches down in May.

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Congratulations to the United Arab Emirates on their arrival at Mars today.

Their HOPE orbiter will perform a detailed study of the atmosphere, which long ago sustained running water on the Martian surface. Now it doesn’t.

Lessons for us back on Earth, waiting to be learned.

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Founding member of MOTOWN’s Supremes, whose songs lifted so many of us up, in an era when we were reaching for a voice of our own in an unwelcoming world.

Mary Wilson, RIP (1944-2021)

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Emotional support robots.
The benefits of comedy.
Is ignorance really bliss?

The "Science of Happiness” on @StarTalkRadio, with @LaurieSantos, psychologist & host of #HappinessLabPod and co-host @NeginFarsad.

[Video: 50 mins]

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Wondering if any official source will confirm or deny that Batman’s Batplane joined the flyover at the last minute during the Super Bowl.

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